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extracranial arteritis cheapest phentermine in johnson city tn endoauscultation Arts Education Quick Facts (view PDF for source information)

Arts in the schools increase test scores and lower dropout rates.

Children who participate in the arts are:

  • 4 times more likely to have been recognized for academic achievement
  • 3 times as often elected to class office
  • 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
  • 3 times more likely win an award for school attendance

Longitudinal data of 25,000 students demonstrate that involvement in the arts is linked to:

  • Higher academic performance
  • Increased standardized test scores
  • More community service
  • Lower dropout rates

Research shows that students at risk of not successfully completing their high school educations cite their participation in the arts as a reason for staying in school.

Students who take four years of arts and music classes while in high school on average score about 100 points better on their SATs than students who took only one-half year or less.

The average GPA of students who earned arts credits in high schools was 3.17 vs. 2.97 for students who earned low or no arts credits

Low-income students with few or no arts credits are 5 times more likely not to graduate than their peers who earned many arts credits

Low-income students with intensive arts experiences in high school were 3 times more likely than students who lacked to earn a bachelor’s degree. They also were more likely to earn “mostly A’s” in college.

Low-income students were 4 times more likely to participate in student government and school service clubs when they have arts-rich experiences. order soma 350 mg Portland Area Quick Facts

81% of Portland public elementary school students do not receive certified instruction in visual art. (2011-12)

18% of Portland public schools have certified visual art instruction (compared to 83% nationally) and 58% have certified music instruction (compared to 94% nationally). (2011-12)

8,259 Full-time equivalent jobs are provided by arts non-profits in the Greater Portland Area. (2010)

Arts & culture non-profits provide 4.6 Million cultural experiences each year in the Greater Portland Area. (2010)

$253.5 Million in revenue, jobs & spending is provided by arts non-profits in the Greater Portland Area (2010)

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