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  • Sign up for weekly office hours to support CAN with outreach, data management, communications and research
  • Donate professional services as an attorney, accountant, graphic designer or web master

  • Staff the CAN booth at arts events, exhibits or performances
  • Sign up to receive regular CAN Updates
  • Sign up to serve as a CAN Messenger and pass along CAN Updates to your electronic mailing list
  • Support CAN through social networking on Facebook and Twitter
  • Host a house party to introduce your circle of friends to CAN
  • Get and wear a CAN Button to arts and education events
  • Add a CAN link to your e-mail signature or website
  • Make a CAN presentation for arts and education stakeholders
  • Conduct a CAN membership drive

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CAN relies on a broad base of volunteer leadership to power the movement and shape the fund that will infuse Portland with dedicated annual support for the arts and arts education. If you are a community leader with skills and experience in the arts, education, business or regional government, contact us today at info@theartscan.org to learn more about how you can lead the effort.