Take Action

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neuroserpin http://www.shellbellecouture.com/info/1mg-clonazepam-equal-1-mg-xanax.php 1mg clonazepam equal 1 mg xanax neurotaxis Regional Arts & Culture Council E-Advocacy Center – for current local advocacy issues
Americans For the Arts (AFTA):  Arts Education Advocacy and General Arts Advocacy
The Kennedy Center’s Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit
Cultural Advocacy Coalition – statewide arts advocacy organization

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  • Give money, attend events, and fully participate in any and all campaign and lobby activities personally
  • Personally offer your endorsement of candidates for public office
  • Give funds to political campaigns
  • Join your local elected officials ‘and legislators’ email newsletter lists
  • Get to know your Mayor, City Council Members, state senator and state representative by attending their community meetings

  • Schedule opportunities to connect with policy makers each year.  This allows you to get to know your legislators personally and it allows them to get to know you and your organization.
  • Participate in and arrange meetings with legislators to learn their views on issues
  • Educate elected officials on issues of concern to the arts, arts education, culture, heritage and humanities community
  • Join your local elected officials ‘and legislators’ email newsletter lists
  • When your organization receives a grant from a publicly funded entity, like RACC, the Oregon Arts Commission, or the Oregon Cultural Trust, write a thank you note to your elected officials
  • Invite your elected officials for a tour of your facility.  Educate them about what you do and how your community benefits.
  • You CANNOT endorse or oppose candidates for public office, collect or distribute funds for political campaigns, use your facilities for political fundraising, or engage in legislative activities past a certain limit (see IRS guidelines or speak to your accountant).

nicotinate http://www.shellbellecouture.com/info/xanax-binge-eating-disorder.php xanax binge eating disorder neutropenic angina As a Public School Parent or Family, You CAN:

  • Call your school district superintendent or school board to advocate for more arts education
  • Follow CAN on Facebook and Twitter