CAN Mail: March 2012 Edition

State of the Arts
Photo: Nina Johnson brand valium online Your support made this year’s State of the Arts report SING! Thank you.

Thanks to the tremendous turnout for cheap generic lorazepam RACC’s State of the Arts report at Portland City Hall, March 21st was a landmark day for the arts and a powerful testament to Mayor Adams’ legacy as Portland’s Arts Mayor. Not only did over ferrihemoglobin buy phentermine 40 mg fascia of individual abdominal organ 200 supporters heed our call to action to celebrate the City’s investment in arts and culture, but RACC and CAN gave voice to Portland’s 70,000 public school students as never before.

In what is now tradition, Wednesday’s report began with a song. A kindergarten class from NE Portland’s Sabin School made a plea for more arts and music in their classrooms followed by a fabulous performance of “This Little Light of Mine, I Want to Let it Shine.”

After hearing from RACC on the powerful impact of the City’s investment in arts and culture, the report honed in on one of the City’s most critical unmet needs – arts and music access for our children.

At this year’s State of the Arts, CAN advocated for the restoration of that lost art and music – refusing to accept a scenario in which our children have fewer opportunities to learn, to thrive and to imagine than we did. And we were honored to be joined by RACC – and hundreds of arts and education advocates – in asking Portland’s City Council to act now.

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“What we’ll be considering for the Fall (an arts access and education funding initiative) is modest but it’s an important step in the right direction.”
-Mayor Adams

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Culture & creativity can inspire, educate, and shape a city.
Photos: RACC order green xanax bars online
CAN’s 2011 Annual Report celebrates your support! Read it online today.

In case you missed it, CAN released our third annual report this month – celebrating our biggest year ever by every measure. As we continue our tireless advocacy for the restoration of arts and music education in our schools and the eradication of the public funding gap that limits the quality, reach, diversity and accessibility of arts and culture in Portland, the CAN Mob is growing in size and strength.

We made a whole lot happen in 2011. Here’s a look at CAN by the numbers over the last 12 months:

6,006 New Supporters
79 Outreach Events
$304,991 Funds Raised
$25,551 In-Kind Donations
60 Member Organizations
86 Active Volunteers Gave 936 Volunteer Hours
1,592 Facebook Friends
2,731 Twitter Followers
6 School District Partners
1 New 501c4 Partner Organization

Download our 2011 Annual Report to learn more about our values, donors and financials. Or get involved by e-mailing our outreach coordinator at

CAN volunteer meet up & orientation.
Tuesday, March 27th at 6:00 PM
Join CAN at a special volunteer meet-up and orientation meeting on March 27 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. You’ll get an update on the work we’re doing to restore arts and music education in Portland schools, support arts and culture, and ensure more access to the arts for everyone.

As a CAN volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity make friends and influence people at dozens of arts, culture and community events this Spring including First Friday’s at Milepost 5, Last Thursdays on Alberta and Portland’s Sunday Parkways. You could also have the opportunity to put your graphic design, web design, photography, videography or data entry skills to use as an Office or In-Kind services volunteer.
Your time and energy fuels the movement. And together, we we make art happen in our schools and our communities:
Please join us. Contact us or RSVP our Outreach Coordinator Keith Daly at

Mayor Adams making an appeal to support CAN at one of our outreach events.
Photo: Nina Johnson

Oregon Children’s Theatre World Premiere: The Storm in the Barn, April 28 – May 20.
Our member organizations make our work possible. Please welcome our newest members!
Oregon Children’s Theatre is a resident company of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts dedicated to advancing growth, development and creativity through exceptional theater experiences. Introducing young people to the wonders of live theater, OCT enriches lives today while helping children develop a lifetime appreciation for the arts.
Portland Piano International is dedicated to presenting the finest pianists in the world in recital settings and outreach activities for the purpose of enriching and educating our community. Some of the greatest artists in the world of music have played for Portland audiences because of this organization. April 8th, enjoy Claire Huangci in Recital.
Visual Thinking Strategies is an educational curriculum and teaching method which enables students to develop aesthetic and language literacy and critical thinking skills, while giving teachers a powerful new technique they can utilize throughout their career.
For details on joining the movement as a member organization in support of a new dedicated public fund for the arts, please visit or email our Outreach Coordinator Keith Daly at

CAN Mail: January 2012 Edition

Photo by danox on
Only 2 out of 10 Portland elementary students have access to an art teacher in their local public school.

Hello 2012! Its time to make history with a ground-breaking new public fund for the arts.
We know that arts, culture, and creativity rejuvenate neighborhoods, create jobs, and fuel innovation while inspiring our students to stay in school. However, 81% of Portland elementary school students finish 5th grade without ever taking an art class. And Portland’s arts and culture organizations receive 86% less public funding than their peers nationally, which greatly limits access to arts, culture, and creativity in our city.
CAN has a plan to fully restore arts and music education for every Portland elementary school student, bridge the public funding gap for Portland arts and culture, and increase access to cultural and creative experiences in every classroom and community. And 2012 is our year!
To read more about our plans for the November 2012 ballot, click here for a link to a recent update in The Oregonian. To restore arts and music education in every Portland elementary school, Join the Movement today! 


Don’t miss your best opportunity to meet the candidates who will change the face of Portland’s City Council in 2013. Learn how they may influence arts, culture and creativity and determine who is best suited to lead our City.

To RSVP or pose a question for the Forum, just send us an e-mail at

Photo by marjorie on
Portland is home to six school districts educating 33,732 elementary school students.

The Oregonian joins the conversation: Confirming that the time is now to restore arts and music education in Portland Schools

Here at CAN we believe that a K-12 education is not complete without the arts. And that means that every child in every school must have access to arts instruction by certified teachers, creative learning, and professional arts experiences.
In our recent Twitter campaign to raise awareness about the decline of arts education in our schools, CAN revealed that 8 in 10 elementary school students in Portland will finish 5th grade without ever having an art class.
To read more about this shocking statistic and The Oregonian’s confirmation that Portland’s art teachers really are an endangered species, click here. To learn more about CAN’s plan to fund art and music classroom teachers, arts and culture field trips and visiting artists, e-mail us today at  


Our member organizations make our work possible: Welcome to our newest members!
Third Angle Ensemble presents world-class performances of new chamber music which challenge and entertain their audience, artists and composers. Since 1985, Third Angle has presented more than 90 programs of contemporary music, commissioned more than 25 new works and released nine recordings to critical acclaim.
Imago Theatre defies classification. They have populated the stage with characters and beings such as comedic amphibians, acrobatic larvae, circus boulders, and metamorphosing humans in works which tantalize the senses, the intellect, and the passions.
Oregon ArtPAC recognizes that the funding of arts and culture is crucial to preserving and advancing the vibrancy of the region and all of Oregon by the many benefits it provides.

For details on joining the movement as a member organization in support of a new dedicated public fund for the arts, please visit or email


Photo by: Fritz Liedtke
CAN’s members demonstrate the growing movement in support of sustainable arts funding.
Photo: Fritz Liedtke

Remembering Chuck Clemans: Lifelong friend of the arts and education.

Chuck Clemans served on CAN’s Board of Directors in 2010 and 2011, guiding our efforts with his decades of expertise as a school superintendent and arts leader. Up until his death in December 2011, Chuck was an instrumental advisor to CAN as we shaped our plan to establish a new public fund for the arts and arts education. He will be dearly missed.
Alice Norris, fellow CAN Regional Steering Committee Member and former Oregon City Mayor, says of Oregon City’s 2009 Citizen of the Year:

“He will leave a hole in so many parts of the community. He was a teacher and a giver — always. With his diverse interests, he touched so many communities of people.”

CAN Mail: November 2011 Edition

Photo by Zac Goodwin Courtesy of the Right Brain Initiative
The arts enhance every aspect of education from reading to critical thinking, social skills and motivation.

(Photo by Zac Goodwin, Courtesy of The Right Brain Initiative)
CAN partners with schools in Portland to restore arts and music education.

Working in partnership with Centennial, David Douglas, Parkrose, Portland Public, Reynolds and Riverdale School Districts, CAN’s proposed new public fund will restore arts education for every K-5 student by funding certified arts and music classroom instruction in every Portland elementary school.  

CAN’s plans to increase public funding for the arts in Portland’s classrooms and communities will reach all K-12 students across our city when the proposal is referred to and approved by Portland voters in November 2012. But, through a partnership with the City of Portland’s six school districts, the investment in over 33,000 elementary school students will be especially game-changing.  

Based on 2010 staffing levels in the K-5 classrooms across our city, 77% of today’s 5th graders will complete elementary school without ever having attended an art class.  

To learn more about CAN’s proposal to fund arts instruction for every Portland elementary school student and increase our city’s investments in classroom and community-based creative learning opportunities for students of every age, please join the conversation at Facebook/theArtsCAN and Twitter@theArtsCAN.
You’re Invited!
To an Artful Evening of Appreciation.

Please join CAN and the CAN Action Fund in celebrating our amazing accomplishments in 2011 and the success that your support has made possible:
December 7th, 2011
5:30 – 7:00 PM
The Armory Mezzanine
128 NW Eleventh Avenue Portland, Oregon
View our online invitation and RSVP today!

An Artful Evening of Appreciation!


Join CAN at a special December 18th matinee performance of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker and save 30% off tickets as a CAN supporter!
Just follow this link and use our special offer code: CANCAN

Our members make it happen:
Fueling the movement and shaping the future of the arts in Portland

Leading the movement, our nearly 60 member organizations do more than write checks. They provide space at their events to raise public awareness, ad space in programs, and even host information about CAN on their web sites such as this wonderful page that Friends of Chamber Music recently posted:
The support we receive from these visionary arts and culture organizations not only fuels the movement with vital funding and outreach, it inspires business and community leaders alike to support CAN’s efforts. Together, we will restore and strengthen creativity and culture in our classrooms and communities.
To join the movement today, please visit or email


Friends of Chamber Music’s wonderful recognition of CAN on their web site.

CAN Mail: June 2011 Edition

Pod (Public Art)

Arts and arts education need additional dedicated and reliable funding.
Title: Pod
Year: 2002
Artist: Pete Beeman

We CAN in 2012: Establish a new public fund for the arts in Portland!

Here at CAN we believe that the arts are more than just a luxury. That in fact, they are a necessity for the livability of our city – shaping our neighborhoods, encouraging creativity in our kids, bolstering economic development and inspiring the innovation that keeps Portland vital.

Professional arts and music experiences and creative learning opportunities remain out of reach for many, in our communities and our classrooms. In fact, the public funding that supports these experiences in metropolitan regions across the country is markedly lower here in Portland – less than half of the national average. It is clear that without a significant increase in dedicated and stable public funding, our children will face a public education seriously lacking in art and music, while income limits arts and cultural access for thousands.

Recent polling revealed that 77% of Portland residents support the idea that arts and arts education need additional dedicated and reliable funding to serve the public. In 2012, CAN will make it happen by proposing a ground-breaking new public funding stream to increase access to arts and culture for every Portland visitor and resident, make free arts and culture experiences available to every school age-child in their classrooms and communities and strengthen our highest-quality arts and culture institutions.

Join the movement today. Together we CAN!
President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Study Released: “Reinvesting in Arts Education – Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools”

The President’s Committee on the arts and the Humanities released its report “Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools” this month. The first federal analysis of arts education data of its kind in over a decade, the report analyzes recent data to make the case for arts education as an effective tool in whole-school reform, and increasing student engagement and academic achievement. At a time where access to arts education is at a low point in many of our nation’s schools, the report also presents evidence that building creativity-rich schools is vital to preparing students for success in the knowledge and innovation economy.

The report recognizes the powerful role that arts education strategies can play in closing the achievement gap, improving student engagement, and building creativity and innovative thinking skills. And further confirms that arts education is an essential component of a complete and competitive education for our children.

President Barack Obama drops by the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Metropolitan Youth Symphony

A challenging, rewarding and fun musical experience for all young musicians.
(Photo: Metropolitan Youth Symphony)

Our Members make our work possible: CAN Welcomes New Member Organization Metropolitan Youth Symphony

Metropolitan Youth Symphony is dedicated to offering a challenging, rewarding and fun musical experience for all young musicians. Their ensembles are designed to accommodate players of all levels of experience and ability. They offer students a chance to explore different musical styles with chamber and specialty ensembles. Musicians are placed in ensembles by playing ability, not by age, so that all students can progress at their own pace.

For details on joining the movement as a member organization in support of a new dedicated public fund for the arts, please visit or email
Volunteers are key to our success: Join CAN in building the movement!

As CAN builds the movement for a dedicated and sustainable public fund for the arts by 2012, it’s our volunteers who are making the difference: whether helping spread the word at outreach events, supporting our efforts around the office, or simply promoting the cause through social media.

Opportunities abound to help build the movement! Just contact for more information on volunteer opportunities, including these upcoming outreach events:

June 18, 19 – PHAME Academy: Grease!
June 25, 26 – Hand2Mouth Theatre: Risk / Reward Festival of New Performance
July 21 – Portland Art Spark by RACC
August 5-7 Pickathon Indie Roots Music Festival
September 1 – Oregon Symphony Waterfront Concert

CAN’s volunteers are key to building the movement!

CAN Mail: May 2011 Edition

(photo credit)

The arts are transformational for schools and for students.

The role of the arts in educating America. Conclusions from the Fifth Annual National Arts Policy Roundtable.
 Last fall, 30 top-level decision makers and thought leaders from government, business, education, and the arts gathered at the Sundance Resort and Preserve for the Fifth Annual Americans for the Arts National Arts Policy Roundtable, to discuss this year’s theme – The Role of the Arts in Educating America for Great Leadership and Economic Strength.

Their conclusions are profiled in a new report (pdf) issued this week by Americans for the Arts that calls for individuals across the public and private sector to recognize the arts as the transformational tools they are for making schools stronger and students more successful.
The business and public policy communities are building consensus that if the nation is to succeed, an education steeped in the 4 “C’s” (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking) is not a luxury, but a necessity.
(Abridged from an ARTSblog article by Marete Wester.)

The arts mean business. Because businesses go where employees find culture.
Mayors and design and development experts from across the country convened in Chicago last month for the
National Summit on City Design to identify challenges, opportunities and funding sources for cities that work well. Among their conclusions were the importance of the arts in creating a vibrant economy:
“Mayors understand that the arts mean business,” stated Conference of Mayors President Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth B. Kautz. “The nonprofit arts sector alone generates over $166 billion annually in economic activity. An important element to making our cities places to attract and grow businesses, tourism, and jobs is for a community to maintain good urban design.
And in his keynote address, National Endowment for the Arts NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman expressed the importance of the arts in a vibrant economy, “Artists are entrepreneurs, small businessmen all, great place-makers and community builders. Bring artists into the center of town and that town changes profoundly. We know now that people do not migrate to businesses. It is businesses that will move to where they can find a skilled, motivated, educated workforce. And what does that workforce look for? In survey after survey, the answer is education and culture.”

Mayor Richard Daley, who helped transform Chicago with green spaces, artwork and notable buildings during his 22 years in office, was honored by the conference as a leader in urban design during an annual meeting of the nation’s mayors.
In receiving the honor, Mayor Daley said, “Artists will define us of who we are in this century and I thank them for it.”


Portland Metro arts non-profits provide $318 million in revenue, jobs & spending.

Join the Movement.

CAN celebrates our Member Organizations. For the work they make possible.
CAN is here to bridge the public funding gap that non-profit arts and culture organizations and educational institutions battle every day. A gap that threatens to limit access to arts and arts education to only the children and communities that can afford it.

With our tiny budget and big mission, it is our Member Organizations that make CAN’s work possible. Check out the complete list at and consider adding your organization to our Membership Roster today.

Become a member and your organization, institution or business will be listed on the front page of in grateful acknowledgement of your support.

Suggested Membership Dues
Based on annual Organizational Budgets

More than $5 million = $1,000
More than $2.5 million = $500
More than $1 million = $250
Less than $1 million = $100

CAN is a 501(c)3 organization and our Federal Tax ID number is 38-3786808. Every gift to CAN is 100% tax deductible.