Arts Advocacy Day – April 4th & 5th, 2011

BodyVox -Foot Opera 2Monday and Tuesday – April 4th & 5th – is the 24th Annual National Arts Advocacy Day, organized by Americans for the Arts. “Arts Advocacy Day is the only national event that brings together a broad cross-section of America’s cultural and civic organizations, along with hundreds of grassroots advocates from across the country, to underscore the importance of developing strong public policies and appropriating increased public funding for the arts.” (Americans for the Arts)

To honor the day, CAN urges you to email the Portland City Council to encourage them to renew their commitment to the arts. And write to your County Commissioner and encourage them to support the arts and arts education in our communities.  Here is a sample letter to help you get started.

City of Portland
Mayor Sam Adams
Commissioner Amanda Fritz
Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Commissioner Nick Fish
Commissioner Randy Leonard

Multnomah County
Cogen, Jeff (County Chair)
Kafoury, Deborah (District 1)
McKeel, Diane (District 4)
Shiprack, Judy (District 3)
Loretta Smith (District 2)

Washington County
Andy Duyck (At Large) Chair
Roy Rogers (District 3)
Bob Terry (District 4)
Dick Schouten (District 1)
Greg Malinowski (District 2)

Clackamas County
Charlotte Lehan (Chair)
Paul Savas
Ann Lininger
Jim Bernard

(Image: BodyVox, photo by Blaine Truitt Covert.)

CAN Mail: March 2011 Edition

PHAME Academy opened RACC’s State of the Arts Report (Photo by Jason Savage)
face-bow fork buy phentermine rx endosonography Your Support made the annual State of the Arts Report SING! We love our CAN Mob.
Thanks to the tremendous turnout for  purchase lorazepam RACC’s State of the Arts Report at Portland City Hall, March 9th was a landmark day for the arts. Not only did over buy herbal soma 200 supporters heed our call to action to celebrate the City’s investment in arts and culture, but PHAME Academy students and artist Kelly Williams embodied the message with their performance and work.

Never has Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” been performed with so much, well, heart and Williams’ Recovery Panes perfectly reflected the healing power of creative expression and community.
Thank you, Portland, for keeping the drumbeat pounding as we build our movement to establish a new public fund for the arts.

Join the Movement; and see more images at

enterocutaneous fistula where to buy phentermine yahoo fastigiobulbar fibers Portland City Council Members Salute RACC & CAN After a Remarkable State of the Arts Report:

cheap adipex 37.5 mg Mayor Sam Adams:

“I just want to underscore, this is a city council priority and every single person [on the City Council]…has been stalwart in their support of the arts… I feel like we’ve only just begun to realize our potential…Thanks to the great leadership of the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the great team and the great leadership of the Creative Advocacy Network.” xanax order lorazepam Commissioner Nick Fish:

“Seems like you keep lifting the bar…And as a council, we’re proud to be supporting your work. Every time we pick up the paper, we read about a proposed federal cut…and increasingly, there’s a feeling we cannot control the cuts coming down the pike that will influence everything we do and that makes it even more important to seize it locally and invest in the regional strategy.”

Commissioner Amanda Fritz:

“…the work you’re doing does touch…hearts and minds and I’m grateful for your emphasis on equity…this endeavor speaks to us all and I celebrate the progress you’ve made… and the fabulous turnout today.”

Commissioner Randy Leonard:

“…this has been really enjoyable and it’s been a very powerful presentation. I’ve appreciated it.”

Commissioner Dan Saltzman:

“I want to say thank you to RACC and CAN and keep it up.”

Slow Down and Enjoy the Arts New iPhone App Captures Portland’s Public Art Perfectly

Public Art PDX is a new iPhone app developed by Matt Blair of Elsewhere Media, which showcases the rich and diverse collection of Public Art around the city of Portland. As you walk the city, open it up to learn more about the art around you; or find art in places you may have missed before!

The map view shows the location of more than 400 works of art in the metro area, from historic statues and fountains to photography, architectural integrations and murals created this year.

To learn more about it, check out the not-to-be-missed video announcing it, then download it at iTunes.

Who’s That Arts Enthusiast?

Opportunity and access to benefit from arts & culture programs for all Oregonians.
The Arts Need You by Liz Fuller,
Executive Director of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition

While public funding for the arts has remained stable at the local level, budget deficits loom and vital programs are on the chopping block at the federal and state level. Following is an update from Liz Fuller, Executive Director of the
Cultural Advocacy Coalition.


Addressing the federal deficit is a major priority in DC. With the shift in Congress, several proposals have emerged that would cut the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For Oregon, the cuts could mean a reduction as high as 25% in federal funds to the Oregon Arts Commission. The situation changes daily.

What can you do? Contact your Senators and members of Congress and urge them to oppose these cuts. Visit for assistance in finding and composing a message for your representatives.


In Oregon, state legislators are faced with the challenging task of plugging a $3.5 billion deficit, or 20% of the general fund. In early February, Governor Kitzhaber released his proposed budget for 2011-2013. From now to early June, legislators in the House and Senate will make counter proposals, and eventually settle on a compromise.

This year’s statewide advocacy priorities include:
  • Protect public investment in the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
  • Expand the Oregon Production Investment Fund tax credit program, set to automatically expire on January 1, 2012.
  • Pass legislation to protect the Oregon Cultural Trust. Elected officials on both sides of the political aisle are standing up for the Cultural Trust, and two bills have been drafted. Efforts are also underway to invest the Trust funds with State Treasurer Ted Wheeler.
  • Play offense and defense on a number of policy items that have an impact to arts and culture.
What can you do? Sign up to attend our Regional Advocacy Trip to the Capital on April 6. Send an email to

CAN Mail: February 2011 Edition

State of the Arts
Portland City Hall
March 9th, 2011
9:30-10:30 AM

Join CAN for RACC’s State of the Arts report at Portland City Hall. Help us celebrate the importance of public funding for the arts and RSVP today!

On March 9th at 9:30 AM, the Regional Arts & Culture Council will present its State of the Arts report to the Portland City Council in Council Chambers at Portland City Hall. RACC will highlight how culture and creativity are enlivening our community, supporting economic development, enhancing classroom learning, sparking innovation in business, and creating more vibrant neighborhoods. CAN Executive Director Jessica Jarratt will also testify to the power of public funding for the arts, the PHAME Academy will perform and visual artist Kelly Williams will exhibit her work.

To attend the RACC State of the Arts event, please RSVP at More than 200 members of the local arts and culture community – artists, advocates, and arts administrators – are expected to attend and show their support for the City of Portland’s continued investments in arts and culture.
Take a survey. Help determine the future of arts education in the Portland area.

RACC and The Right Brain Initiative invite residents of Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties to participate in one of three surveys taking stock of local arts education resources. These surveys are part of the first phase of the Any Given Child initiative, a national program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts spearheaded locally by Right Brain. The results of the surveys will help the Any Given Child Community Arts Team create a long-range plan to ensure comprehensive arts education for all K-8 students in the Portland region.

Please fill out the survey most appropriate to you:

Artists and arts organizations who currently provide K-8 education in the tri-county region (deadline 2/14). Click here.

All other community members (deadline 3/20). Click here.

Access, balance, and equity to each child’s arts education.

“Every child and every community should have equitable access…”

Check out more than books at the library. Check out arts & culture.

Here at CAN, we believe that every child and every community should have equitable access to a broad and diverse array of cultural experiences, regardless of their income level or neighborhood.

Thanks to Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), every (library) card-carrying resident of Washington County can enjoy that access. The WCCLS Library Systems’s Cultural Pass to Adventure is available for a one-day check-out from your local WCCLS Library to any current library cardholder in good standing who is over 18 years of age. Each pass can be borrowed for one day and provides free admission to one of 7 cultural attractions across the region including the
Washington County MuseumChinese Classical GardenPortland Children’s MuseumPortland Japanese Garden and Pittock Mansion.

Intended to provide residents with a free introduction to the cultural institution, passes not only increase access to arts and culture, they inspire residents to become annual members and donors.
Click here to reserve your Cultural Pass to Adventure today and don’t forget to thank your local library!
CAN Welcomes Keith Daly: Our fabulous new on-staff Outreach Coordinator

On January 24th, CAN welcomed Keith Daly to the CAN Staff in the newly funded position of Outreach Coordinator.

After volunteering nearly 580 hours for CAN since September 2010, Keith has officially completed the most intensive job interview ever. During his many months as a full-time CAN volunteer, Keith has coordinated and represented CAN at 37 community events, personally signed on nearly 750 new supporters and developed a social media presence that has increased the number of active users on our Facebook page by 2,400%. With high hopes for an amazing 2011, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Keith on our team.

To invite CAN to participate in your event, include CAN’s logo or ad in your next event program or brochure, or order 100 CAN buttons to distribute, contact Keith at (503) 961-3142 or

Keith Daly, CAN Outreach Coordinator

Our Outreach Coordinator, Keith Daly.

CAN Mail: January 2011 Edition

Dance troupe at CAN outreach event.

We owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

We did it! CAN’s 2010 Year in Review

With your help in 2010 CAN made huge strides in the right direction:

  • We nearly doubled our database of supporters (people who will vote ‘yes’ when we get to the ballot)
  • We had a 35% increase in membership (organizations that will benefit from increased public funding)
  • We built an unprecedented tri-county coalition and strong, collaborative relationships with every key government in the region (people who will get us on the ballot)
  • We successfully passed a region-wide investment plan for the proposed new public funds (giving organizations like yours better access to operating support and program grants)
  • And, we met and exceeded every goal in the City of Portland and the Regional Arts & Culture Council’s Challenge, raising more than $50,000 in private donations, recruiting 1,000 new supporters and signing on more than 200 new messengers.
You helped build this movement and we can’t wait to celebrate our success together when a new $15-20 million dedicated fund is established. Thank you!

The arts matter in education. The results are measurable.

The arts are enriched with the stuff kids need to succeed. Just like kids need to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have their daily serving of the arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps kids increase test scores and promotes academic achievement. Kids who are involved in the arts are:

  • 4 times more likely to be recognizedfor academic achievement.
  • 3 times more likely to be elected toclass office within their schools
  • 4 times more likely to participate ina math and science fair
  • 3 times more likely to win an awardfor school attendance

Copyright Flickr User: ampersandduck

Involvement in the arts helps kids increase test scores.

Copyright Flickr User: Thomas Hawk

Tri-county restaurants receive $71.5 million in arts-related spending each year.

Arts and Economic Prosperity: Making the Case that the Arts CAN and do Fuel the Economy

In 2006, the 6.25 million citizens who participated in local nonprofit arts and culture events spent an average of $11.44 per person on meals before or after the event. That’s a total of $71.5 million in arts-related spending at restaurants per year in the tri-county area – proof positive that the arts can fuel the local economy and revitalize neighborhoods.

In 2011, CAN will lend a hand to the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Business for Culture and the Arts as they update this data with Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, a study of the economic impact of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. We will be surveying more than 800 audience members throughout the tri-county area and arts and culture organizations of every kind.

How can you help?

Sign up to volunteer with CAN today and together we’ll continue to build the case that the Arts CAN fuel our economy! Contact:

The arts are essential. Let’s make them sustainable.

Help us inspire kids and keep them in school. Revive neighborhoods and enrich communities. Create jobs and fuel the economy. Open minds and celebrate culture. Unbridle creativity and inspire innovation. Realize our true potential. The Arts CAN, and so can you.

Please make your contribution to a sustainable future for the arts. Go to and click Donate Now.

Thank you for your generosity, and for your continued support.

Together we CAN!

Copyright, Flickr User: bourgeoisbee

Let’s realize our true potential.

CAN Mail: December Edition

12 Great Reasons
To Give Artfully this Holiday Season

#12 Because the arts shape our neighborhoods, improve our education system, boost economic development and make us think, feel, dream and believe.

#11 Because Seattle is outspending us in public funding for the arts by 300% and Denver spends nearly 6 times more per capita than Portland. Clearly, we have some catching up to do.

#10 Because CAN’s budget is so small, a gift of any size is guaranteed to make a huge difference.

#9 Because in 2006, there were only 34 teachers of art, music, dance or drama for 22,082 Portland public elementary students. And this ratio has not improved with the economy.

#8 Because your gift will not only bring you great karma, it will make you famous! Go to and you’ll find a list of every single one of our donors.

#7 Because creativity and innovation are critical to ensuring that Portland stays vibrant and economically competitive.

#6 Because 70% of the voters we polled are ready to pay $1 per month into a public fund for arts and arts education.

#5 Because your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

#4 Because the arts can give a lost child a compass.

#3 Because our region needs a new $15-$20 million annual public fund for the arts.

#2 Because this is a limited time offer. Once we have established a new public fund for the arts, your money is no good here.

#1 Because we love where we live.

Feeling inspired? Donate Now at the

Bring Arts Education to Life in Portland Public Schools. Join CAN and the Dreaming Zebra Foundation in delivering art supplies to Bridger Elementary.

Next Monday, December 13th at 11:30am, CAN volunteers & staff will be joining The Dreaming Zebra Foundation at Bridger Elementary to distribute art supplies for hundreds of Portland’s young artists and creative learners.

The Dreaming Zebra Foundation is a 501(c)3 that has joined forces with Portland Public Schools in an innovative partnership to provide new and gently used art supplies free of charge to Bridger, Humboldt, Kelly, King, Ockley Green, Peninsula, and Whitman schools before the end of the year.

“Our goal,” says Dreaming Zebra Founder Dawne Camera, “is to get materials into the hands of those with the greatest need for them, and we’re honored to play a role in helping students at seven of Portland’s schools to continue exploring their creativity through art.”

The Dreaming Zebra Foundation relies entirely upon volunteers to locate and distribute supplies – and CAN is more than happy to help. If you would like to join us next Monday or help the Dreaming Zebra Foundation distribute supplies to the other six schools on their list, e-mail us today.

Emma Honors CAN with a lifetime of support

The Creative Advocacy Network is thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as an Emma 25 recipient selected among 300 other non-profits around the country who applied. Each year, Emma honors 25 non-profits with an Emma account, including custom-designed email stationery and a lifetime of email marketing and survey service, all at no cost.

We couldn’t be more grateful for such a generous gift which will help build the movement for a new public fund for the arts in the Portland Metro Region.

Thank you Emma, not only do you ‘communicate in style’ – but you give in style too!

Follow us. Friend us.

Find out about our latest achievements, the next step in our plan, and share our vision: Friend us on and follow us on
. Join the Movement.

CANMail: November Edition

Arts Advocacy: Now more than ever!

While the arts were not on the ballot this November, public funding to improve livability garnered region-wide support. In Multnomah County, voters saved the Oregon Historical Society and paved the way for a stronger more stable library system, while Washington County voters funded a parks bond in Tigard and their county-wide library system.

As the CANpaign to establish a new annual dedicated public fund for the arts rages on, we cannot afford to stop being clear, consistent and passionate in advocating for the importance of the arts and arts education.

As you welcome your new County Commissioners, Metro Councilors and Mayors to office, don’t hesitate to remind them:

The Arts are key to our prosperity and quality of life. Especially during a recession. The Arts can inspire our kids and keep them in school, create jobs and fuel the economy and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the region. Support public funding for the arts.

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a Fan on Facebook:

The movement for public funding builds. And we are inspired.

When the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council renewed their support for CAN in July with a second investment of $100,000, they also presented CAN with a challenge: Build the movement.

And build we have.

In October alone we added 468 new supporters through arts & culture events including Oregon College of Art & Craft, Wordstock’s Mortified, Art Spark, You Who, and Portland Gay Men’s Chorus.

Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of our culturally-rich community, we are nearly there. With just over $10,000 to raise by December 31st to meet the terms of our Challenge Grant, CAN has already surpassed every other goal – recruiting 1,000 new supporters in just 4 months, signing on nearly 300 messengers to spread the word and exceeding our goal for memberships with new arts organizations joining the movement every day.

The time for a new public fund for the arts is now and we can’t do it without you!

Donate now, if you have not already, and help CAN to meet our $100,000 Challenge.

CAN celebrates a rising tide of membership. For the work they make possible.

CAN is here to bridge the public funding gap that non-profit arts and culture organizations and educational institutions battle every day. A gap that threatens to limit access to arts and arts education to only the children and communities that can afford it.

With our tiny budget and big mission, it is our Member Organizations that make CAN’s work possible. With huge thanks to our newest members ( Vibe of Portland, Portland Jazz Festival, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, PHAME Academy of Fine Arts, Portland Baroque Orchestra, and Stumptown Stages) we hope that you will check out the complete list at and consider adding your organization to our Membership Roster today.

Become a member and your organization, institution or business will be listed on the front page of in grateful acknowledgement of your support.

Suggested Membership Dues

Based on annual Organizational Budgets

More than $5 million = $1,000

More than $2.5 million = $500

More than $1 million = $250

Less than $1 million = $100

CAN is a 501(c)3 organization and our Federal Tax ID number is 38-3786808. Every gift to CAN is 100% tax deductible.

Arts in Schools: This we believe.

Children cannot learn without creativity. And art fuels creativity. At CAN, we believe that  a K-12 education is no education at all if it does not include the arts. And that means that every child in every school must have access to:

Art classes. And band. And chorus. And theatre. And dance. Every student must have the hands-on opportunity to be an artist.

Creative learning. The Right Brain Initiative calls it Integrated arts learning and their program (which we love) brings artists into classrooms to teach students and teachers how use art to learn math, science and language arts.

Professional arts experiences. Like a trip to the Oregon Symphony, an afternoon at the Oregon Children’s Theatre or a visit to the Portland Art Museum. These opportunities are, for many, a first-ever chance to experience the sheer beauty and power of art.

If you believe in arts in schools, for every child in every community, Join the Movement to increase public funding for the arts and arts education.

CANpaign Update


The Creative Advocacy Network (theArtsCAN) was founded in 2008 to establish a new $15-20 million annual public fund for the arts with the understanding that the arts can inspire our kids, improve our schools, revitalize our neighborhoods and fuel the economy.

In just two short years, theArtsCAN has made great strides in our efforts to advocate for a new dedicated funding stream for the arts. Emboldened by two rounds of region-wide polling that reflect strong and growing support for a new public fund for the arts, theArtsCAN built an unprecedented tri-county coalition made up of 93 elected, business, arts and education leaders and finalized an investment plan to ensure that every child and community in our region will benefit from equitable access to arts and arts education.

As 2010 comes to a close, theArtsCAN has set our sights on the ballot as we finalize a groundbreaking proposal to bridge the public funding gap and bring the arts to life for every child and every community in the Portland Metropolitan Region.


When the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council renewed their support for theArtsCAN with a second investment of $100,000, they also challenged us to Build the Movement. And build we have.

Just four months into our $100,000 Outreach Challenge, theArtsCAN has met and exceeded nearly every goal – recruiting more than 1,000 new supporters, expanding our network with nearly 300 messengers and raising more than $5,000 in dues from a growing list of members. With just over $10,000 left to raise by December 31st from community donations, theArtsCAN movement is stronger than ever.

Our thanks go out to all 34 of our member organizations (which we proudly list at, as well as the Flash Choir (pictured above), NW Dance Project, Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, Portland Art Dealers Association, Oregon Symphony, Mudeye Puppet Company, Art Spark by RACC, Community Music Center, Our Portland Story, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Wordstock, You Who and Portland Gay Men’s Chorus for supporting our outreach CANPAIGN.

If you would like your organization to be a Member of theArtsCAN or you’d simply like to donate to the cause, we welcome your support. Go to and click Donate Now. Together we CAN!

CAN Mail: October Edition

A community celebration brings 126 new supporters to CAN.

The movement for public funding of the arts builds.

On October 2nd, CAN joined the Oregon College of Art and Craft in a community celebration of their first new buildings in thirty years. With the strikingly beautiful campus as a backdrop, 126 students, faculty, artists, craftspeople and Washington County residents inspired us with their support for public funding of the arts. Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of our culturally-rich community, we are drawing ever closer to meeting the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council‘s $50,000 Challenge and reaching our goal of 1,000 new supporters by December 31, 2010.

Help fuel the movement by sending your friends to to Sign Up and Get Involved at the top of the page.

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a Fan on Facebook.

The Non-Profit Community knows we CAN.

And fuels the effort with their meaningful membership.

Arts and culture organizations and educational institutions from across the region continue to support the movement for a new public fund for the arts with their ArtsCAN memberships. Annual dues slide from $100 to $1,000 based on the organization’s annual budget. All CAN Members are featured on the homepage. Join the movement today at

Oregon Days of Culture.

Celebrating the role of the arts, humanities, and heritage in our every day lives.

Oregon is second in the nation in attendance of arts events and the arts have long been a part of our cultural heritage.  The part you play, how you’re impacted by the arts, is part of Cultural Confessions made by Oregonians across the state. Our own Chandra Brown – CAN board member and Vice President of Oregon Iron Works – made a confession on what culture makes her do. (Hint: A dulcimer is involved.)
Don’t miss opportunities for culture in Oregon made available with public funding: Check out Oregon Days of Culture events coming up.

Arts education and graduation rates.

What’s the relationship?

A 2009 Study revealed that New York City public school students with the lowest graduation rates have the least access to instruction in the arts…[while] schools in the top third in graduation rates offered their students the most access to arts education and the most resources that support arts education.

CAN Mail: September Edition

Sam Adams and Jennifer Yocom CAN!The Oregon Symphony’s Performance at Waterfront Park Inspires 299 New Supporters to Join theArtsCAN Movement!

On Thursday, September 2nd, Portland celebrated the power of public funding for the arts as thousands of residents and visitors from across the region made their annual pilgrimage to Waterfront Park to enjoy an evening of stunning performances by the Oregon Symphony, the Portland Youth Philharmonic and Oregon Ballet Theatre. Funded generously by the City of Portland and the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the evening’s festivities proved a perfect opportunity to raise awareness for CAN and our efforts to establish a new dedicated stream of public funding for the arts. With a little help from Mudeye Puppet Company, Ethos Music Center, a dozen committed CAN Volunteers and Mayor Sam Adams, who invited everyone to join him in supporting CAN, 299 new supporters joined the movement in just two hours.

As CAN continues our quest to recruit 1,000 new supporters by December 2010, we are thrilled to report that we are more than half-way there! Thank you to all who made Portland’s biggest publicly funded cultural event of the year such a smashing success.

NW Dance Project @ 1st ThursThis We Believe

The Creative Advocacy Network (aka theArtsCAN) is a 501(c)3 organization – a non-profit that is leading the charge for a new dedicated stream of public funding for the arts in our metropolitan region. Our mission is simple – increase our region’s investment by $15-20 million every year to bring arts and cultural experiences to life for the children and communities that we love. We are here because we know that the arts inspire and educate our kids, revitalize our neighborhoods and fuel our economy – creating thousands of jobs and generating hundreds of millions in revenue every year. And, we know that without public funding for the arts, our children and many in our communities, will no longer have access to the inumerable benefits of arts and culture.

Imagine growing up without ever having experienced a symphony orechestra, a play, a professional dance performance or a truly transformational work of art. Imagine graduating from a high school that has no band or chorus, no art classes, no theatre. Imagine what we would lose in creativity, innovation and intellect if we deprive the next generation of these fundamental experiences? Today, we live in a region where public funding has dropped to less than a third of the national average, in a state ranked 33rd for its public funding of the arts. Even while our state has the second highest performing arts attendance nationally and 95% of our tri-county residents believe that arts education is essential for the well-being of our kids.

CAN is here to bridge this gap and transform the public will into a public fund. If you believe, like we do, that the Arts truly CAN, then help us spread the word. Here’s how:  

1.  Invite your friends to Join theArtsCAN Movement. All we need is their name and e-mail to ensure that they recieve this monthly CAN Mail Update and will be one of the first to know when it comes time to Vote Yes for the Arts.
2.   Send your list of 10 new supporters along with your mailing address to and we’ll send you 2 Free Tickets to the Portland Art Museum.

oregon artpacCAN Salutes Oregon artPAC

Local dentists have one. Farmers have one. Even funeral directors have one. And now so does Oregon’s art and culture community. The Oregon Arts and Culture Political Action Committee, also known as Oregon artPAC is a volunteer-powered effort founded in 2006 to do the important work that is off limits to non-profit organizations like CAN. This non-partisan PAC interviews and endorses regional candidates for elected office who are committed to increasing public funding for arts and culture.
As CAN moves ever closer to establishing a new dedicated funding stream for the arts, it is now more important than ever that the elected officials holding office across our region understand and value the arts. Oregon artPAC is working to make that happen. To learn more, please visit

New CANpaign AD!!!

The new, hot off the press, CANpaign AD!

The new, hot off the press, CANpaign AD!

The newest CANpaign AD!

The Creative Advocacy Network has released its newest ad featuring the fine work of the Northwest Dance Project during their performance at 1st Thursday in the Pearl on August 5th.  If you would like to include us, and we most certainly hope you do, in your email blast, print campaign, or your social media campaign our newest ad is here and ready.  Simply click on the image for the full size version.  We would like to thank Photographer Jason Savage for his great work in capturing these images and for designer Andrea Arbuckle for her great work in producing this advertisement for us.  To get in touch with us about this ad or any general questions at all please send us an email at: