Arts & Culture coverage will get a much needed boost when  OPB’s State of Wonder debuts November 2nd

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While the show itself will have a playful, lighthearted and sometimes irreverent feel, State of Wonder will be extremely pointed, curious and informative.


State of Wonder has launched both a new Facebook fan page and Twitter page where listeners and followers can check in on what will be discussed on upcoming shows, learn about local artists and creators, see upcoming events and find out more about what’s happening in the arts community. Beginning in this month, State of Wonder will be posting audio segments on Facebook from a variety of pilot shows previously recorded. In this clip, the April Baer talks about the current state of the arts tax, goes into a classroom to explore how the arts help children learn, visits an Andy Warhol exhibit at a tribal museum in Pendleton, and teases a story about “ buy klonopin overnight Star Wars in verse.”


Kudos to OPB for increasing their coverage of Arts and Culture in Oregon. November 2nd cannot come soon enough!


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