Join us for the Oregon Arts Summit on October 7th!

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On October 7th, join us at the Oregon Arts Summit to Re-Think Engagement: to examine how audiences and arts organizations have repositioned their relationships; look at the power of the arts to engage students and transform learning; and learn about communities—in Oregon and across the nation—that have used arts and artists to create ‘place.’

This year’s Summit will include a track of three arts education break-outs with national and Oregon speakers and experts. Powerful and compelling artists will present and perform their work. Topics like creative place making will be addressed by plenary speakers and in smaller groups.

How and what have we learned from our audiences? How have different ways of engagement taken our work to new or different places or communities?

How are we creating context for new and authentic relationships?

How are the arts engaging schools and community? How are communities engaging with schools in and through the arts?

Engaging communities—rural and urban—around creative place making—what’s in place to make it happen?

Advocacy—How do we engage others in bringing vision to action?

Sold out the past four years, our annual one-day Summit has become known as the place where individuals and teams of staff and board come together for provocative learning exchanges that spark new insights and connections to their work. This year will be no different.

Learn more and Register Today!

Registration is limited and just $85 a person. Oregon residents traveling more than 160 miles one way to attend the Summit are eligible for a registration waiver. 10% discount for groups of two or more. Substitute teacher stipends are available.


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