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Today the City of Portland Revenue Bureau launched to educate the public about the city’s groundbreaking new Arts Education & Access Fund and begin accepting $35 income tax payments from local residents.

Due annually by April 15th beginning this year in 2013, Portland’s new $35 income tax for income-earning adult residents of Portland (and exempting any taxpayer under the federal poverty limit) will generate approximately $12.2 million in annual net revenue. Passed into law when 62% of Portland voters approved Ballot Measure 24-146 last November, the Arts Education & Access Fund is a local income tax to restore arts education to every Portland elementary school and fund arts education and access programs citywide.

To ensure that every Portland resident receives ample information and notice about this new local income tax, answers frequently asked questions; provides an overview of the Fund’s investments, its Citizen Oversight Committee, and the City Code, Rules and Policies; and offers online payment and exemption request options. In addition to this comprehensive online resource, the City of Portland Revenue Bureau will also be reaching out to all Portland residents by mail.

Thomas Lannom, City of Portland Revenue Bureau Director, believes as many as 20-40% may choose to pay online. discount valium online “We hope many Portlanders will help us avoid the cost and environmental impact of mailing paper forms; people who file before March 25 will not be sent paper forms which saves printing, postage and paper, and ultimately more money will go to the arts,” Lannom said.

However the taxes are paid, these new tax dollars will be put to work immediately.

When the school year begins next Fall, nearly 70 elementary school arts teachers will be sustainably funded, every elementary school student in Portland’s six school districts will be guaranteed an arts education, and arts supplies, programs and field trips will be more accessible for all school-age children through grant funding for Portland’s schools and non-profits. Centennial, David Douglas, Parkrose, Portland PublicReynolds and Riverdale school districts will all benefit from the Arts Education & Access Fund while grants from the Regional Arts & Culture Council will provide Portland’s non-profit arts organizations with the public support they need to bring the arts to life for every Portland resident.

At the Creative Advocacy Network, we know that the arts improve our schools, shape our neighborhoods, fuel our economy and improve the livability of this city that we love. And now, with a simple annual $35 tax payment, we can ensure that every Portland resident has access to our city’s cultural and creative riches.

Pay early. Pay online. And bring the arts to life for every Portland classroom and community.

A Heartfelt Update for the Love of Art buy cheapest xanax online The Arts Education & Access Fund in Portland Schools Your Questions Answered buy generic klonopin online
On November 6, 2012, Portland residents approved a citywide $35 income tax to restore arts education to every elementary school in the city’s six school districts and increase arts access citywide. The Schools & Arts Together campaign to pass Ballot Measure 26-146 was successful in part due to the tremendous energy and enthusiasm of Portland parents and teachers eager to see greater access to arts education in their schools. In thanks, we are committed to keeping Portland’s public school community updated on the implementation and impact of this groundbreaking new Fund.

While each school district will be conducting their own planning and hiring to bring the Arts Education & Access Fund (AEAF) to life in their schools, there are several important facts about the new Fund that are universal.

  • Every public school serving Kindergarten through 5th grade students from Portland (including K-8 schools and charter schools) will receive funding from the AEAF.
  • Districts will receive funding to hire one certified elementary arts teacher for every 500 enrolled K-5 students. Citywide this represents approximately 70 sustainably funded teachers.
  • AEAF funding must be used to provide weekly arts education to every K-5 student. If students at your local elementary school do not already have art, music, dance or drama at least once a week, they will starting next Fall.
  • While AEAF funding will not cover the entire cost of a full time teacher at schools with fewer than 500 K-5 students, AEAF funding will cover the entire cost of weekly arts education for every K-5 student citywide.
  • Every Portland school district aspires to maintain their current investment in elementary arts teachers to the extent possible and with the goal of ensuring that every elementary school building has at least one full time elementary arts teacher.
  • AEAF funding does not cover the cost of certified arts teachers for 6th-12th grade public school students in Portland. However, the AEAF will provide grant funding to schools and non-profits to supply students of any grade level with classroom and community-based arts programs and supplies. The Regional Arts & Culture Council will administer this grant program.
  • AEAF funding can be used to hire teachers certified in art, music, dance or drama.

To contract your District directly about their timeline for planning and hiring to implement the Arts Education & Access Fund, go to:

Get involved. Stay informed. Help us bring the arts to life in every classroom and community. Follow us on And please, continue to bring us your questions at

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With the successful conclusion of the Schools & Arts Together campaign and the establishment of the ground-breaking new Arts Education & Access Fund, the time has come to close down and expand to include important information about the Arts Education & Access Fund and our weighty new Knowledge Bank fueling advocacy and public policy development. Whether you are seeking contact information, ways to take action or would just like to peruse our media clippings or blog, you’ll find it all at
Did we miss something? Don’t hesitate to let us know. You can always reach us at buy ultram online legally Support CAN this Valentine’s Day With the volume turned up!

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