Celebrating 2012 and Planning for an Artful New Year!

A thankful Kindergarten class illustrates the importance of the arts for every elementary school.
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But there is still work to be done. The establishment of the Arts Education and Access Fund affords Portland with several very important opportunities that we must seize.

First we should closely study the impact of the future Arts Education and Access Fund on academic engagement and achievement, arts participation at every age and the local economy in Portland. Understanding the quantitative and qualitative impact of our investments will help us frame the ongoing conversation about the importance of arts in our schools and communities.

Second, we should share what we’ve learned nationally about the important intersection between community-based arts programs and classroom learning in the development of an arts education partnership that benefits both cities and schools.

Thirdly, we must continue to advocate for strategic investments in arts education for every public school student in our city, taking direction from the cities that do it well, from national trends and from our own local research.

Next Fall, Portland’s six school districts will start the 2013-14 school year with new sustainable funding for nearly 70 certified elementary arts instructors and every Portlander will begin to experience the impact of an increased investment in arts access for all. As we plan for this exciting expansion, we must continue to advocate for an overall approach to teaching and learning that fully integrates the power of visual art, music, dance and drama.

Get involved. Stay informed. Help us bring the arts to life in every classroom and community. Follow us on www.Facebook.com/SchoolsArtsTogether.

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The http://sandiegocgaux.org/division/Div1New/sander3/group4/ watson soma 350mg Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2008 to increase public understanding about the benefits of the arts and arts education in the Portland Metropolitan region.

The get ultram prescription online CAN Action Fund is a 501(c)4 organization established by the Creative Advocacy Network in 2011 to lobby for an increase in public funding for the arts and arts education in Portland’s classrooms and communities.

provigil to buy online Schools & Arts Together is an Oregon political committee formed by the CAN Action Fund for the November 2012 election in support of City of Portland Ballot Measure 26-146.

In 2013, CAN’s Executive Director, Jessica Jarratt Miller, and Assistant Director, Emily Brod, will continue to support the work of all three entities with the leadership of the CAN and CAN Action Fund Boards of Directors.