Portland City Council approves Arts Education and Access Fund

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As Val Ellett, a teacher at Gilbert Park Elementary pointed out in today’s testimony to City Council, “Music and the arts are the most powerful force a community can invest in.”

Funds will also be distributed to the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) to support grant applications by non-profit Portland arts organizations that demonstrate artistic excellence, provide service to the community, show administrative and fiscal competence and provide a wide range of high quality arts programs to the public.

RACC will also provide grants that will improve access to the arts for K-12 students and for Portland residents in every community. These grants would provide opportunities for students to access the arts such as trips to a museum to learn about history and other cultures or to see a play geared to their age group. Every Portlander would have improved access to free arts events to enjoy with their families regardless of community or income.

Administrative costs associated with this Fund have been capped to ensure that 95% or more of the dollars collected will be invested directly in arts education and arts programs.

An Independent Citizen Oversight committee that is representative of the City’s diverse communities will also be formed to annually review Fund expenditures and report the impact of the Arts Education and Access Fund to the public.

The Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) and the CAN Action Fund are working to restore arts education to our schools and improve access to the arts in Portland. Through research of best practices, in public outreach, and with input from educators, business leaders, elected officials, arts leaders, and the public, a plan has been developed – the Arts Education and Access Fund – which was approved by Portland City Council for the ballot in Portland in November of 2012.

One thought on “Portland City Council approves Arts Education and Access Fund

  1. Only through the 5th Grade?

    Certified teachers ONLY….?
    Whats wrong with Hiring Actual Working ARTISTS???
    The “Independent” Artists.
    The Free-Lance Artists?
    If it’s not going to fund ALL AGES what is the point?????
    How much will the Administrators EARN?
    How much will the Certified Teacher EARN?
    Thank You.
    Gregg Bielemeier

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