2,500 Followers, 1,500 Fans and $75,000 – We Did It!

At 10:25 PM on December 13th, CAN’s 2,500th Twitter follower signed on with great fanfare, unlocking a $75,000 investment from the City of Portland.

CAN celebrates 2,500 Followers, 1,500 Fans and $75,000.

Why were Colin Meloy, Storm Large, PortlandiaTV and Mayor Sam Adams all tweeting about CAN? Because 2,500 Twitter followers and 1,500 Facebook fans were all that stood between CAN and a $75,000 investment from the City of Portland. And we did it!
In the last two weeks, CAN’s #CreativelyPDX hashtag has been used more than 450 times to encourage Portlanders to join the movement and the conversation about what we find uniquely creative in Portland.
While our goals have been reached, #CreativelyPDX continues through Monday, December 19th. And you won’t want to miss an opportunity to win free tickets to
Candide at Portland Opera, two passes to next year’s
Wordstock Festival or a signed deluxe box set of ‘The King Is Dead’ from The Decemberists!
Follow us on Twitter @theArtsCAN or  click here to learn more.

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Portland’s Majors Stir Up Love for CAN.


This Fall, the Oregon Symphony, Portland Art Museum, Portland Center Stage, Portland Opera and Oregon Ballet Theatre (often referred to as the Majors within Portland’s expansive and diverse arts community) joined forces to raise funds and awareness for CAN.
At two events hosted by the Portland Art Museum and Bill and Karen Early, nearly 150 arts patrons were introduced to CAN and inspired to give when Brian Ferriso, Elaine Calder, Chris Coleman, Christopher Mattaliano and Christopher Stowell shared their compelling perspectives.
In addition to the $50,000 lead gift by the Dream Envision Foundation and the $50,000 Challenge Grant by Lynn and Jack Loacker that launched this campaign, CAN was honored to receive $102,600 in pledged support – all from first-time donors.
As CAN continues to spread the word about the decline of arts and music education in Portland’s public elementary schools and the underfunded role that non-profit arts and culture organizations play in the economic vitality, educational opportunities and livability of our city, http://www.dmassociatesllc.com/cheap-xanax-bars-online.php cheap xanax bars online these donations fuel our efforts and lay the foundation for a ground-breaking solution that will generate $113 Million in new public funding for the arts over the next decade.
We are honored to have inspired so many to give so much. 

The Oregon Symphony, Portland Art Museum, Portland Center Stage, Portland Opera and Oregon Ballet Theatre raised $102,600 for CAN at two beautiful events.

4 out of 5 fifth-graders in Portland will finish elementary school without ever having an art class.

Its Elementary, My Dear.

The Creative Advocacy Network has set our sights on the November 2012 ballot to propose a new public fund for the arts in Portland that will restore arts and music education for every elementary school student. 
Why this focus on elementary education? Through extensive local and national research as well as round table discussions with Portland’s school superintendents, parents, teachers, and arts leaders, CAN has identified grades K-5 as both the most disadvantaged and the most opportune with regard to arts and music education.
Today, 81% of Portland’s 33,732 elementary school students attend an elementary school offering no certified instruction in art. And while CAN plans to support many of the non-profit arts and culture organizations that work to bridge that gap with field trips, classroom visits and after school programming, there is no substitution for the kind of progressive, weekly skill-building that a certified art teacher can offer.
To learn more about CAN’s plan or volunteer to help, just e-mail


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To Give Artfully this Holiday Season 
http://www.tctfcu.org/pages/extras/cards5/service8/ phentermine sale online 5 Because the arts shape our neighborhoods, improve our education system, boost economic development and make us think, feel, dream and believe.

http://sandiegocgaux.org/division/Div1New/sander2/group1/ buy klonopin online with prescription 4 Because 4 out of 5 Portland elementary school students will finish 5th grade without ever having been offered an art class.

enteroparesis order phentermine 37.5mg fibrae pontis transversae 3  Because our non-profit cultural organizations receive, on average, 86% less public funding than their peers nationally.

2  Because your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

1  Because you can help us increase our city’s cultural and creative capacity by $113 M over the next decade.


Donate to CAN

Tweet for the cause and raise $75,000 for CAN

Tweet to Join. Tweet to Win.

You can help the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) raise $75,000 to establish a ground-breaking new public fund for the arts in Portland. All we need is your tweet! Through the generous support of the City of Portland, CAN will receive $75,000 to fuel the movement, if we inspire 2,500 people to follow @theArtsCAN on Twitter by December 31st.*

To meet the challenge, for the next 12 days (December 8th-19th) CAN will host an online conversation and contest to inspire new followers and ignite the conversation about what makes Portland uniquely creative.

Join our #CreativelyPDX Campaign on Twitter and help us spread the word.
Anyone who follows @theArtsCAN on Twitter and tweets using #CreativelyPDX will be entered to win one of 12 amazing prizes. Win tickets to performances and exhibits at Portland Center Stage, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Symphony, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Tears of Joy Theatre, Wordstock, Portland Baroque Orchestra and PHAME Academy as well as special opportunities to tweet with the Mayor and sing along with Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale. Meanwhile, CAN will keep #CreativelyPDX a trending topic with thought-provoking questions and conversations about arts, culture and creativity in Portland.

In November 2012, Portland voters will be given the opportunity to approve a ground-breaking new public fund for the arts that will restore arts and music education for every Portland elementary school student and brings arts, culture and creativity to life in every classroom and community city-wide. Follow @theArtsCAN on Twitter and join the movement to keep the arts off the endangered list.

*To learn more about CAN’s partnership agreement with the City of Portland, visit the CAN Blog at  http://theartscan.org/can-talks/blog/

$75,000 for the cause with a little help from our friends

To Our Many Supporters:

As you may know, the City of Portland has generously supported CAN with significant annual investments and they are scheduled to invest $75,000 more on December 31st, if CAN meets our goals for the Fall and Winter of 2011.

To earn this critically important investment, CAN has accomplished some amazing things in the last five months. We have recruited more than 4,500 new supporters to the cause, engaged 63 volunteers, conducted outreach at nearly 80 events and inspired 60 arts and culture organizations to join the movement as members. All while putting the finishing touches on a ground-breaking new public fund for the arts that, when approved by Portland voters in 2012, will restore arts and music in our classrooms, increase support for the arts orgs and artists that keep Portland creative and offer meaningful opportunities to experience arts, culture and creativity city-wide.

But we are not done. The City has asked that we reach 1,500 Facebook fans and 2,500 Twitter followers by New Years.

Please help. We will never meet these goals without you.

Step 1:   Please Like us on Facebook (http://www.Facebook.com/theArtsCAN) and Follow us on Twitter (http://Twitter.com/theArtsCAN).

Step 2:  Please ask everyone you know to do the same. 

Step 3:  Please consider donating an incentive for our #CreativelyPDX Campaign. From December 8th through the 19th, CAN will be giving away free tickets and other prizes daily in a contest for Fans and Followers that retweet or share at least one post. Look for more from us soon on how you can join the conversation #CreativelyPDX.

Huge thanks for all that you do to make art happen here. For more info or to run a piece on #CreativelyPDX on your blog, website or newsletter, I can be reached at 503.781.8538 or jessica@theartscan.org.

In the meantime, I look forward to sharing our progress as we make new friends and keep the old…
Jessica Jarratt Miller
Executive Director
Creative Advocacy Network (CAN)