CAN Mail: March 2011 Edition

PHAME Academy opened RACC’s State of the Arts Report (Photo by Jason Savage) soma online overnight Your Support made the annual State of the Arts Report SING! We love our CAN Mob.
Thanks to the tremendous turnout for  RACC’s State of the Arts Report at Portland City Hall, March 9th was a landmark day for the arts. Not only did over 200 supporters heed our call to action to celebrate the City’s investment in arts and culture, but PHAME Academy students and artist Kelly Williams embodied the message with their performance and work.

Never has Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” been performed with so much, well, heart and Williams’ Recovery Panes perfectly reflected the healing power of creative expression and community.
Thank you, Portland, for keeping the drumbeat pounding as we build our movement to establish a new public fund for the arts.

Join the Movement; and see more images at

Portland City Council Members Salute RACC & CAN After a Remarkable State of the Arts Report:

Mayor Sam Adams:

“I just want to underscore, this is a city council priority and every single person [on the City Council]…has been stalwart in their support of the arts… I feel like we’ve only just begun to realize our potential…Thanks to the great leadership of the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the great team and the great leadership of the Creative Advocacy Network.”

Commissioner Nick Fish:

“Seems like you keep lifting the bar…And as a council, we’re proud to be supporting your work. Every time we pick up the paper, we read about a proposed federal cut…and increasingly, there’s a feeling we cannot control the cuts coming down the pike that will influence everything we do and that makes it even more important to seize it locally and invest in the regional strategy.”

Commissioner Amanda Fritz:

“…the work you’re doing does touch…hearts and minds and I’m grateful for your emphasis on equity…this endeavor speaks to us all and I celebrate the progress you’ve made… and the fabulous turnout today.”

Commissioner Randy Leonard:

“…this has been really enjoyable and it’s been a very powerful presentation. I’ve appreciated it.”

Commissioner Dan Saltzman:

“I want to say thank you to RACC and CAN and keep it up.”

Slow Down and Enjoy the Arts New iPhone App Captures Portland’s Public Art Perfectly

Public Art PDX is a new iPhone app developed by Matt Blair of Elsewhere Media, which showcases the rich and diverse collection of Public Art around the city of Portland. As you walk the city, open it up to learn more about the art around you; or find art in places you may have missed before!

The map view shows the location of more than 400 works of art in the metro area, from historic statues and fountains to photography, architectural integrations and murals created this year.

To learn more about it, check out the not-to-be-missed video announcing it, then download it at iTunes.

Who’s That Arts Enthusiast?

Opportunity and access to benefit from arts & culture programs for all Oregonians.
The Arts Need You by Liz Fuller,
Executive Director of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition

While public funding for the arts has remained stable at the local level, budget deficits loom and vital programs are on the chopping block at the federal and state level. Following is an update from Liz Fuller, Executive Director of the
Cultural Advocacy Coalition.


Addressing the federal deficit is a major priority in DC. With the shift in Congress, several proposals have emerged that would cut the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For Oregon, the cuts could mean a reduction as high as 25% in federal funds to the Oregon Arts Commission. The situation changes daily.

What can you do? Contact your Senators and members of Congress and urge them to oppose these cuts. Visit for assistance in finding and composing a message for your representatives.


In Oregon, state legislators are faced with the challenging task of plugging a $3.5 billion deficit, or 20% of the general fund. In early February, Governor Kitzhaber released his proposed budget for 2011-2013. From now to early June, legislators in the House and Senate will make counter proposals, and eventually settle on a compromise.

This year’s statewide advocacy priorities include:
  • Protect public investment in the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
  • Expand the Oregon Production Investment Fund tax credit program, set to automatically expire on January 1, 2012.
  • Pass legislation to protect the Oregon Cultural Trust. Elected officials on both sides of the political aisle are standing up for the Cultural Trust, and two bills have been drafted. Efforts are also underway to invest the Trust funds with State Treasurer Ted Wheeler.
  • Play offense and defense on a number of policy items that have an impact to arts and culture.
What can you do? Sign up to attend our Regional Advocacy Trip to the Capital on April 6. Send an email to

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