CANMail: November Edition

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While the arts were not on the ballot this November, endoarteritis buy phentermine hcl 37.5 online ferric public funding to improve livability garnered region-wide support. In Multnomah County, voters saved the Oregon Historical Society and paved the way for a stronger more stable library system, while Washington County voters funded a parks bond in Tigard and their county-wide library system.

As the CANpaign to establish a new annual dedicated public fund for the arts rages on, we cannot afford to stop being clear, consistent and passionate in advocating for the importance of the arts and arts education.

As you welcome your new County Commissioners, Metro Councilors and Mayors to office, don’t hesitate to remind them: fecundate buy phentermine low price endomyometritis

xanax pills online The Arts are key to our prosperity and quality of life. Especially during a recession. buy lorazepam online canada The Arts can inspire our kids and keep them in school, create jobs and fuel the economy and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the region. Support public funding for the arts. endometrial ablation phentermine online reviews endogenous

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Become a Fan on Facebook: order valium uk The movement for public funding builds. And we are inspired.

When the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council renewed their support for CAN in July with a second investment of $100,000, they also presented CAN with a challenge: Build the movement.

And build we have.

In October alone we added 468 new supporters through arts & culture events including Oregon College of Art & Craft, Wordstock’s Mortified, Art Spark, You Who, and Portland Gay Men’s Chorus.

Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of our culturally-rich community, we are nearly there. brand valium online With just over $10,000 to raise by December 31st to meet the terms of our Challenge Grant, CAN has already surpassed every other goal – recruiting 1,000 new supporters in just 4 months, signing on nearly 300 messengers to spread the word and exceeding our goal for memberships with new arts organizations joining the movement every day.

The time for a new public fund for the arts is now and we can’t do it without you!

Donate now, if you have not already, and help CAN to meet our $100,000 Challenge.

CAN celebrates a rising tide of membership. For the work they make possible.

CAN is here to bridge the public funding gap that non-profit arts and culture organizations and educational institutions battle every day. A gap that threatens to limit access to arts and arts education to only the children and communities that can afford it.

With our tiny budget and big mission, it is our Member Organizations that make CAN’s work possible. With huge thanks to our newest members ( Vibe of Portland, Portland Jazz Festival, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, PHAME Academy of Fine Arts, Portland Baroque Orchestra, and Stumptown Stages) we hope that you will check out the complete list at and consider adding your organization to our Membership Roster today.

Become a member and your organization, institution or business will be listed on the front page of in grateful acknowledgement of your support.

Suggested Membership Dues

Based on annual Organizational Budgets

More than $5 million = $1,000

More than $2.5 million = $500

More than $1 million = $250

Less than $1 million = $100

CAN is a 501(c)3 organization and our Federal Tax ID number is 38-3786808. Every gift to CAN is 100% tax deductible.

Arts in Schools: This we believe.

Children cannot learn without creativity. And art fuels creativity. At CAN, we believe that  a K-12 education is no education at all if it does not include the arts. And that means that every child in every school must have access to:

Art classes. And band. And chorus. And theatre. And dance. Every student must have the hands-on opportunity to be an artist.

Creative learning. The Right Brain Initiative calls it Integrated arts learning and their program (which we love) brings artists into classrooms to teach students and teachers how use art to learn math, science and language arts.

Professional arts experiences. Like a trip to the Oregon Symphony, an afternoon at the Oregon Children’s Theatre or a visit to the Portland Art Museum. These opportunities are, for many, a first-ever chance to experience the sheer beauty and power of art.

If you believe in arts in schools, for every child in every community, Join the Movement to increase public funding for the arts and arts education.

CANpaign Update


The Creative Advocacy Network (theArtsCAN) was founded in 2008 to establish a new $15-20 million annual public fund for the arts with the understanding that the arts can inspire our kids, improve our schools, revitalize our neighborhoods and fuel the economy.

In just two short years, theArtsCAN has made great strides in our efforts to advocate for a new dedicated funding stream for the arts. Emboldened by two rounds of region-wide polling that reflect strong and growing support for a new public fund for the arts, theArtsCAN built an unprecedented tri-county coalition made up of 93 elected, business, arts and education leaders and finalized an investment plan to ensure that every child and community in our region will benefit from equitable access to arts and arts education.

As 2010 comes to a close, theArtsCAN has set our sights on the ballot as we finalize a groundbreaking proposal to bridge the public funding gap and bring the arts to life for every child and every community in the Portland Metropolitan Region.


When the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council renewed their support for theArtsCAN with a second investment of $100,000, they also challenged us to Build the Movement. And build we have.

Just four months into our $100,000 Outreach Challenge, theArtsCAN has met and exceeded nearly every goal – recruiting more than 1,000 new supporters, expanding our network with nearly 300 messengers and raising more than $5,000 in dues from a growing list of members. With just over $10,000 left to raise by December 31st from community donations, theArtsCAN movement is stronger than ever.

Our thanks go out to all 34 of our member organizations (which we proudly list at, as well as the Flash Choir (pictured above), NW Dance Project, Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, Portland Art Dealers Association, Oregon Symphony, Mudeye Puppet Company, Art Spark by RACC, Community Music Center, Our Portland Story, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Wordstock, You Who and Portland Gay Men’s Chorus for supporting our outreach CANPAIGN.

If you would like your organization to be a Member of theArtsCAN or you’d simply like to donate to the cause, we welcome your support. Go to and click Donate Now. Together we CAN!