CAN Mail: October Edition

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On October 2nd, CAN joined the Oregon College of Art and Craft in a community celebration of their first new buildings in thirty years. With the strikingly beautiful campus as a backdrop, 126 students, faculty, artists, craftspeople and Washington County residents inspired us with their support for public funding of the arts. Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of our culturally-rich community, we are drawing ever closer to meeting the City of Portland and Regional Arts & Culture Council‘s $50,000 Challenge and reaching our goal of 1,000 new supporters by December 31, 2010.

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Arts and culture organizations and educational institutions from across the region continue to support the movement for a new public fund for the arts with their ArtsCAN memberships. Annual dues slide from $100 to $1,000 based on the organization’s annual budget. All CAN Members are featured on the homepage. Join the movement today at

order carisoprodol overnight Oregon Days of Culture. buy d10 valium online Celebrating the role of the arts, humanities, and heritage in our every day lives.

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Oregon is second in the nation in attendance of arts events and the arts have long been a part of our cultural heritage.  The part you play, how you’re impacted by the arts, is part of Cultural Confessions made by Oregonians across the state. Our own Chandra Brown – CAN board member and Vice President of Oregon Iron Works – made a confession on what culture makes her do. (Hint: A dulcimer is involved.)
Don’t miss opportunities for culture in Oregon made available with public funding: Check out Oregon Days of Culture events coming up.

buy zolpidem 12.5 mg Arts education and graduation rates. soma order online What’s the relationship?

A 2009 Study revealed that New York City public school students with the lowest graduation rates have the least access to instruction in the arts…[while] schools in the top third in graduation rates offered their students the most access to arts education and the most resources that support arts education.