New CANpaign AD!!!

The new, hot off the press, CANpaign AD!

The new, hot off the press, CANpaign AD!

The newest CANpaign AD!

The Creative Advocacy Network has released its newest ad featuring the fine work of the Northwest Dance Project during their performance at 1st Thursday in the Pearl on August 5th.  If you would like to include us, and we most certainly hope you do, in your email blast, print campaign, or your social media campaign our newest ad is here and ready.  Simply click on the image for the full size version.  We would like to thank Photographer Jason Savage for his great work in capturing these images and for designer Andrea Arbuckle for her great work in producing this advertisement for us.  To get in touch with us about this ad or any general questions at all please send us an email at:

CAN Mail: August Edition

CAN Art Mob

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(7pm at NW 13th at Hoyt/Irving)
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(7:30pm at NW 12th & Couch)
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Visit our YouTube Channel for videos from 1st Thursday Buy valium no prescription theartscan
Text ART + your E-mail to 22333

Text ART + your E-mail to 22333

gador xanax online We Want to Know!

Chicago’s got the Blues. New Orleans is the Birthplace of Jazz. New York City is home to Broadway. Hollywood is, well, Hollywood, and Austin, Texas staked a claim to the title of Live Music Capital of the World (though we beg to differ).
While many know that the Portland area is an epicenter for the arts, our creative claim to fame has yet to be clearly articulated by a powerful cultural brand and a catchy slogan.
What do you think is our area’s most compelling cultural export?
What phrase expresses the essense of the arts in the Portland region?
Text your brilliant tagline or thoughful musings to 22333 canadian phentermine online after simply typing ART. Sign your text with your e-mail so we can say thanks and pass along the royalties when they start rolling in.

Donate to CAN

Donate to CAN

Help CAN Meet the Challenge
This Spring the City of Portland and the Regional Arts & Culture Council renewed their support for CAN with a second investment of $100,000…and a Challenge. CAN we sign on 1,000 new supporters, recruit 100 CAN Messengers, raise $5,000 in membership dues and raise $50,000 by December?
Yes we CAN! And here’s how you can help:

  • Pledge or renew your support as a CAN member andDonate Now! (Individuals can join for just $10/month and Organizations show their support with membership dues of $100-$1,000 based on budget size)
  • Become a CAN Messenger and help us spread the word Sign up to resend our E-mail Alerts to your mailing list or include information on CAN in your event programs or newsletters)
Did you know that on average, $13 out of every $100 raised by arts organizations in the U.S. comes from public funding? Well not here. In the Portland area, public funding for the arts tops out at $4 for every $100 raised. The arts revive our neighborhoods, keep our kids inspired and in school, create jobs and fuel innovation. It is time to close the public funding gap. Learn more about CAN’s proposed new public fund for the arts at or Join the Movement by texting ART+ your e-mail to 22333.

And don’t forget you can see old editions here.