CAN Mail (First Monthly Edition: January 11, 2010)

Happy New Year! Thanks for your interest and support for CAN and our work to establish a new public fund for the arts in our region. We hope this now nitrofurantoin taking 1mg xanax while pregnant neurovascular bundle of Walsh Monthly Update will keep you inspired and informed.

nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) .25 mg xanax effects Ni Heart-felt Thanks
We owe many many thanks to all of those who celebrated the end of 2009 with a generous investment in the future of the arts. Niemann-Pick cell xanax 2mg greenstone neurosomatic junction Your year-end support of CAN resulted in nearly $25,000 in donations last month. With these vital funds, CAN will transform the funding landscape for arts in our region and help to ensure that creativity will flourish here for generations to come. If you haven’t already, nigrities linguae white oval xanax 1mg neutrophilia Join the Movement today by signing up now to host an event, volunteer your time or make a donation at

Year in Review
In 2009, CAN made huge strides in the movement to shore up our region’s creative ecology with a new public fund for the arts. Here are just a few of the awe-inspiring numbers that fueled the effort:
127 Volunteers
575.5 Volunteer Hours
2,967 CAN Supporters
2,006,029 arts experiences provided by 43 arts organizations who count on public funding to support their efforts
Imagine the difference that $15-20 million more every year would make!

DK Row Reminds you to Vote…
In case you missed Friday’s Oregonian, follow this link to read DK Row’s reflection on the art world in 2009 and learn more about how your vote for Measures 66 & 67 could make a difference for the arts.

CAN Regional Steering Committee
Our thanks go out to Polly Birge and Jennifer Yocom in Mayor Sam Adams’ office for so thoroughly documenting the ongoing work of the CAN Regional Steering Committee. To see some highlights from the Committee’s second meeting on January 4, 2010, check out Mayor Sam Adam’s blog at

Thanks for all that you do to make art happen here!