Creative Action Plan – it’s here!

In this region, creativity is a part of everything we do, everything we are. Over the past 22 months, more than 1,500 citizens participated in the “Regional Creative Capacity Project,” an assessment of the region’s stengths and weaknesses when it comes to culture, creativity and the arts. This Action Plan is the culmination of the regional research. 

It addresses:

  • How can we expand access to the inspiration, education and entertainment that our creative community provides?
  • How can we better support existing institutions, organizations, artists and businesses that contribute to our creative vitality?
  • How can we grow the creative community and its continued advocacy?

With your help, we can continue answering these questions and more.

Contact Portland City Commissioners!

Contact the Portland City Commissioners – send them an email and ask them to support RACC’s full budget request and make Portland a truly sustainable city!

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